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Present Perfect (повторение) и Present Perfect Continuous (настоящее совершенное длительное). Утвердительные и отрицательные предложения

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Урок 3. Первый и второй тип условного предложения (повторение). Третий и четвертый тип условного предложения. Сравнительные конструкции as if\as though. Сослагательное наклонение после But For и Wish

Тема 3. Четвертый (смешанный) тип условного предложения

Упражнение 1. Выберите правильный вариант.

  1. If only I had booked the tickets yesterday, I on the beach now.
  2. If you were always near I in the forest.
  3. You would get a better mark today if you over the material yesterday.
  4. I a sore throat now if I hadn't eaten so much ice-cream.
  5. If it my day off today I would have already joined my friends in the country house.
  6. You the key if you kept all your things in order.
  7. If I knew her well I her invitation.
  8. If you hadn't wasted your time on computer games you the final exam.
  9. If my grandfather we wouldn't keep the window open.
  10. Jane would have taken up an additional course, if she busy with her piano classes.

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