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Past Simple
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Упражнения G

Exercises / Упражнения

G. Выберите правильную форму всех 16 глаголов, затем нажмите кнопку "Результат".

Выберите правильную форму выделенных глаголов.

Thomas Edison (1) work on the railway when he was twelve, selling newspapers and snacks. There were long periods with nothing for him to do so he (2) himself a little laboratory in the luggage van where he could carry out experiments when he (3) things to passengers. Another way that he (4) himself was by reading. He joined a library and (5) every single book in it. One day, when he (6) at a station he (7) a small boy who (8) by the track, unaware that a train (9). Edison (10) out and (11) the child just in time. The child's father was so grateful that he (12) to teach Edison to be a telegraph operator. Edison accepted the offer and soon he (13) regular lessons. After a year, he was good enough to get a job in the telegraph office. He continued to read and experiment, whenever he (14) time. At twenty-one he (15) the telegraph office to devote all his time to being an inventor. He (16) on to invent the electric light bulb, the phonograph and the movie camera.

H. Выберите правильную форму всех 16 глаголов, затем нажмите кнопку "Результат".

Выберите правильную форму выделенных глаголов.

Adam: Hello, Mike. What (1) in this part of London?
Mike:  Well, actually, (2) at flats round here.
Adam: Flats?(3) to move?
Mike:  Yes, in fact, believe it or not, Mandy and I (4) married.
Adam: That's great! Congratulations. When (5)?
Mike:  Only last week. It was while we (6) with her family in Scotland. Now (7) to find a suitable flat.
Adam: It'll be great to have you as neighbours. I hope you manage to buy one soon.
Mike:  Oh we (8) for one to buy. We (9) enough money yet. (10) to find somewhere to rent.
Adam: Yes, of course. That's what we (11) at first. Actually, in the end, my brother (12) us some money. That's how we
(13) to buy ours.
Mike:  Really? Perhaps I'll talk to my family before (14) a flat.
Adam: That's not a bad idea. My family (15) us quite a lot of helpful advice. Now, what about some coffee? There's a good place just round the corner.
Mike:  Oh, yes, I (16) for somewhere to sit down when I bumped into you. Let's go.

I. Выберите правильную форму всех 12 глаголов, затем нажмите кнопку "Результат".

Выберите правильную форму выделенных глаголов.


You can turn off the television. I it.


Last night Jenny fell asleep while she .


Listen! Somebody the piano.


'Have you got my key?' 'No, I it back to you.'


David is very lazy. He hard work.


Where for their holidays last year?


I saw Diane yesterday. She her new car.


A: television very often?
B: No, I haven't got a television set.


A: What do at 6 o'clock last Sunday morning?
B: I was in bed asleep.


Andy isn't at home very much. He away a lot.


I to find a job at the moment. It's very difficult.


I'm tired this morning. I very well last night.

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